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Pertamina Eco Run 2018

Pertamina is a national energy company that has a vision to become a world-class energy company, Pertamina runs its core business from upstream to downstream, with this business Pertamina has an important role in sustaining the nation's energy security. In addition to running its core business, Pertamina also runs Corporate Social Responsibility programs that are closely related to biodiversity.

In commemoration of the 61st anniversary, Pertamina held an annual running event, Pertamina Eco Run and still raised the theme of biodiversity conservation. In line with the theme of Pertamina through Pertamia Eco Run is committed to continuing to conserve life. this year Pertamina Eco Run took the theme "Galang Energi Lestarikan Negeri" or Raising the Country's Energy Conservation, by raising the animals of Eagle Bondol and Sumatran Elephants as their icon.

Pertamina hopes this event can also increase the awareness of the Indonesian people on the nearly extinct status of the two animals species. Through Pertamina Eco Run, Pertamina will also donate some of the registration costs of Pertamina Eco Run 2018 for the preservation of Sumatran Elephants and Eagle Bondol, as well as Pertamina Eco Run 2017, where donations are given for the preservation of almost extinct animals, namely sea gibbons and Javan gibbon.

In this event, participats are able to enjoy the running event and contribute to preserving animals in Indonesia, besides that, participants have the opportunity to get prizes and door prizes worth a total of hundreds of millions of rupiah. This year's Pertamina Eco Run is even more interesting with the new category, 1.5 K fun run for children aged 6 to 12 years, in addition to the 5K and 10K categories that are still present at Pertamina Eco Run 2018. There are also additional open categories in the race 10K which can be followed by foreigners.

Gajah Sumatera

Sumatera Island is one of the regions with the worst rates of deforestation in the world and the Sumateran elephant population is decreasing faster than the number of forests. Depreciation or loss of these large animal habitats has forced them into populated areas, triggering human and elephant conflict, which often ends in elephant deaths, and further reduces its population

Nowadays, the estimate of population in 2007 is between 2,400-2,800 elephants, and now the population conditions are decreasing along with the high rate of loss of Sumatera's forests. Sumateran elephants (Elephas maximus sumatranus) are currently in critical (Critically Endangered) status in the red list of endangered species released by the World Conservation Agency (IUCN). In Indonesia, Sumateran Elephants are also included in protected animals according to Law No. 5 of 1990 concerning Conservation of Biological Resources and their Ecosystems and are regulated in government regulations, namely PP 7/1999 concerning the Management of Plant and Animal Types.

Pertamina has distributed the elephant conservation assistance at Aek Nauli. The assistance is used to develop elephant feed areas, elephant medicines, equipment for monitoring elephants, and elephant feed transport vehicles. In this year, the program that being developed is the provision of information and education facilities, the assistance of elephant gallery facilities and infrastructure, and other programs that will continue until 2021

Elang Bondol

Elang Bondol (Haliastur Indus), and Other types of water eagle in the Serubu Islands are wild animals that are protected by the Republic of Indonesia Law No.5 of 1990 and regulated in Government Regulation No.7 of 1999.

The existence of Bondol eagle populations in the Seribu Islands and surrounding Jakarta has reached an alarming stage. The high level of hunting, illegal sales and maintenance and a lack of public knowledge of the importance of the existence of bondol eagles in the natural environment.

Along with the decline in the population of bondol eagles, the degradation of culture and knowledge of Jakarta's people towards this type has decreased. Although this type has been declared as DKI Jakarta Symbol.

Since 2017, Pertamina has contributed to the conservation of the bondol eagles in Seribu islands. The impact of the financial assistance provided by Pertamina is to make Kotok Island not just to be a place for eagle to rehabilitate, but to become a special interest conservation area, to preserve eagle species by making breeding pens, tourist visits and increased donations, education and Innovation Research Programs can be held.


In the Pertamina Eco Run 2018 Press conference and talk show, dr. Hario Tilarso (sports doctor), Tommy Fondy (sports massage), Odekta Naibaho (national and long distance running athletes) will be present to share their experiences in the world of running

Pertamina Eco Run 2018 Press Conference and Talk Show will be held at:

Date  : Friday, November 16th 2018
Time                  : 18.00 - 20.00 WIB
Place              : Eat n Eat, FX Sudirman (Jl. Jend. Sudirman, RT.1/RW.3, Gelora, Tanah Abang, Kota Jakarta Pusat).

Speaker :

a. dr. Hario Tilarso, Sp.KO

dr. Hario Tilarso is a medical expert in the field of sports. He is a doctor of Indonesian contingents for the Sea Games, Asian Games and Olympic. In addition, he is also an active practitioner to voice a healthy lifestyle. At this age Dr. Hario Tilarso still managed to exercise.

b. Tommy Fondy

Tommy Fondy is an expert in the field of sports massage. He is also a practitioner and author of a book about sports massage. Sports, especially running, which is the trend of today's society is certainly a positive thing. However, it must still be supported by an understanding of the actions that must be taken when the injury or to avoid injury.

c. Odekta Naibaho

Odekta Naibaho is an Indonesian national athlete who represents Indonesia in the international championship, the 2018 Asian Games at 5000m. Among the Odekta Naibaho achievements are 2 Gold medals in the National Championship in 2017 & 2018 (5000m) and the Bronze medal at the 2016 PON XIX in West Java (marathon number).

Register your team now and win FREE tickets by being a protector of the Bondol Eagle and Sumatran Elephant!
All participants will face some challenges to search the protectors of the Bondol Eagle and Sumatran Elephants by using the instructions given after the participants succeeded in completing interesting challenges in each post.
Date          : Sunday, November 25th 2018
Time       : 06.30 A.M
Place   : CFD Senayan (di depan FX Mall, Sudirman)

Sprint Race is one of the spirit built by Pertamina Eco Run 2018. The aim is to motivate the general public on the importance of running sports by building a pleasant atmosphere.
Get 3 FREE Pertamina Eco Run 2018 tickets for 3 runners who has the fastest time on the CFD Sprint Race:

CFD Sprint Race will be held at:
Date          : Sunday, 11th November 2018
Time       : 06.30 – 09.30 A.M
Place   : FX Sudirman


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