Pertamina Eco Run


Rules and guidelines for activities to ensure safety and comfort in the race for all participants. Participants have to read, understood and agreed to the following rules:


  • The regulations that apply to Pertamina Eco Run 2018 are legitimate and valid in accordance with the provisions of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) and the Indonesian Athletic Association (PASI).

  • The Organizer reserve the right to change the applicable terms and conditions with and or without prior notification.

  • The Organizer reserve the right to close the registration before the specified deadline with and or without prior notice if the participant's capacity is considered sufficient.

  • The Organizer reserve the right to close the registration before the specified deadline with and or without prior notice if the participant's capacity is considered sufficient.

  • Pets or any form of wheel's object for transportation such as wheelchairs, bicycles, skates, roller skates and others, are prohibited from being on the race route.

  • The Organizer reserve the right to use photos or videos of the participants without the time limit.

  • The Organizer reserve the right at any time to stop the race or change the race route. If things happen that are not desirable, such as a force major, the committee reserve the right to stop or cancel the race. If the route that has been previously published cannot be used such as roadwork or accidents

  • All participants are required to know the race route, passing the wrong route is the responsibility of the participants.


  • Pertamina Eco Run 2018's participants are advised to use polite costumes and do not contain SARA (ethnicity, religion, and descendants) elements.


  • The Organizer reserve the right to disqualify or exclude participants (from all competitions) and the registration fee is deemed forfeited, if:

  • Proven to provide incorrect data and information

  • Proven to consume food / drink / drugs that are prohibited

  • Participants who complete the race outside the provisions above, are considered to be null and are not entitled to get a medal / prize

  • Participants who start the race before the official competition begins will be disqualified.

  • Participants who do not follow other rules that have been determined by the Organizer will be disqualified


  • Finisher medals are only awarded to participants who complete the race within the cut-off time and the official route (without cutting the route) determined by the organizer.

1. Participants who are declared winners are those who complete the race with the best time record according to the category of the race, wear the BIB number according to their registered data, and do not cheat by any means. ss

2. All participants who are entitled to get door prizes are those who have a BIB number and are in a location (cannot be represented).

3. Prize redeeming cannot be represented or transferred and it is required to show original identification that matches the registered data.

4. The decision of the winner by the jury is inviolable.

5. The committee is entitled to give prizes in any form (cash, transfer, goods) within the period set by the committee. Prize exclude government tax. Total prize is in the form of cash and goods.

1. Participants are required to fill in the registration form with the correct data in accordance with the official identity, and not allowed to use nicknames or initials.

2. Registration cannot be canceled and registration fee is non-refundable.

3. Participants who are Indonesian citizens MUST use the ID card (KTP) as the personal data.

4. Participants from other countries MUST use the limited stay permit (KITAS/passport) as the personal data.

5. Information related to the registration filled by participants such as name, race category, gender, and shirt size cannot be changed after the registration process is done.

6. The age limit of the 1.5K Kids Run category participants is 6-13 years old. The age limit for 5K Fun Run participants is 13-65 years, the Student Race 10K category age limit is 13-18 years, the 10 K Race general category participant age limit is 18-45 years, the 10K Race Master age limit is 45 years and over. For other countries who want to take part in the race, they can only participate in the 10 K race category in the general category 18-45 years.

1. Participants who have congenital disease must bring their own personal medicines (e.g., inhaler)

2. The committee is only responsible for providing first aid and delivering to the nearest hospital in case of injury/accident during the race.

3. Participants who need further intensive assistance in an injury is the responsibility of the participant at fault.

4. Anything related to a child (especially a child's injury/accident) is the responsibility of each parent.

5. Participants agree, acknowledge, and understand the risks and dangers that might arise in participating, and to not bring charges to any consequences that may result in body injury, disability, or death.

1. Participants agree, acknowledge, and understand that the organizer is not responsible for any personal belongings or property lost, damaged, or stolen during the event.

2. Participants are not allowed to deposit valuables in the deposit counter tent provided by the organizer.

3. The organizer is not responsible for the loss of goods in baggage collection or another place before, during or after event.

4. Deposit counters are only for the first 4000 participants who deposit their belongings.

1. Race packs can only be obtained at the time and place that has been determined.

2. Participants are required to bring an ORIGINAL ID Card/Pasport/driver's license/student card to obtain the race pack.

3. Obtaining race packs can be represented on condition of carrying a stamped and signed power of attorney and the original ID card and 1 copy of the participant's identity card.

4. The power of attorney format can be downloaded at the registration website.

5. One power of attorney may be used by more than one participant.

1. BIB number is the chest number determined by the committee.

2. Participants are required to wear the BIB number in front of the participants' clothing, and are not allowed to wear it in any other places in order for the number to be seen properly.

3. Registration and BIB numbers cannot be transferred or sold to other parties.

4. Selling or transferring the participant's BIB number to others will result in disqualification and/or banning of every individual involved in the next event.

1. The jury's decision is absolute and inviolable.

2. Verbal protest can be done, and followed by written protest within 30 days after the result of the race is officially announced or before the prize has been given to the winner.

3. Protest letter should be attached with duty stamp and a protest fee of IDR 100.000,-

4. If the initial decision of the jury is proven correct, the cost of the participant's protest is considered to be forfeited.